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Mortgages can be costly

The Problem

The longer your mortgage runs, the more interest you pay

The Solution

We'll help you pay it off faster with Mortgage Rewards

The Result

You'll reach mortgage freedom much sooner than anticipated

We'll fast track you

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How we do it


Mortgage Rewards are truly unique - we pay the pounds and pennies you earn directly off your mortgage balance

  • Overpay your mortgage as you shop
  • Popular retailers added every month
  • Refer friends and earn more rewards


Unleash the power of overpayments with our personalised tools and start accelerating to mortgage freedom

  • Create an overpayment plan
  • Track the impact month by month
  • Tweak it as your circumstances change


Never miss out on the best mortgage rates - the better your rate, the less interest you pay

  • Award-winning switching service
  • Fee-free and access to great rates
  • Up to £100 reward per switch

Helping homeowners all across the UK

''Brilliant idea! The cashback feature allows me to pay my mortgage off faster, without having to even think about it''

Earning Mortgage Rewards

''We started making overpayments after our wedding and we're on track to finish our mortgage 12 years early''

Sam & Tom
Making regular overpayments

''A superb all-round service which saved us a nice amount of money per month. Very highly recommended''

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We'll fast track you to mortgage freedom

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