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What is your mission?

Mortgage freedom is within any homeowner's grasp. Our mission is to do everything we can to get you there – faster.

We exist to save you money, save you hassle and save you having to pay your mortgage for years longer than you have to.

Think no hassle, no fee, beautifully fast and simple mortgage switching so you never miss out on the best deal... and couple that with continuous cashback and expert help to pay off your mortgage.

Are you regulated?


Our team of highly experienced expert mortgage brokers are regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority and as such are legally bound to provide impartial advice and support to homeowners. Our pledge is to find the best mortgage rates for you over the lifetime of your mortgage in a completely fair, transparent and open way.

You can visit our dedicated page on the FCA register here.

What does Accelerate My Mortgage cost?

You pay nothing, not a single penny. We exist to save you money, not cost you money!

How do you make money?

We make money from commissions we receive from mortgage lenders for switching your mortgage. We are completely neutral about who you switch mortgage with as we receive commission if you switch to a new rate from your current lender or a new lender. We then rebate as much of this commission back to you as possible in the form of Rewards to help accelerate your mortgage.

Why should I sign up to Accelerate My Mortgage?

If you sign up now you'll be eligible to receive free switching throughout the life of your mortgage plus access to continuous generous Rewards.

Our pledge to you:

- We'll never charge you a fee for any aspect of our service - not one penny

- We'll always do everything possible to help you repay your mortgage faster

- We'll always act in your best interests - we pride ourselves on fair, impartial and unbiased mortgage advice

- We'll never do anything without your say so - you’ll always be in full control of your mortgage

We have a 5 star Trustpilot rating, and we're proud to be a fast-growing business backed by the Welsh Government.

What are Mortgage Rewards?

Our goal is to help you earn as much cashback and rewards as possible from our service so that you can really accelerate to mortgage freedom. Our guide to Mortgage Rewards explains how you can earn cashback and how this cashback can multiply mortgage savings.

How do I get Mortgage Rewards from retailers?

The rewards section of Accelerate My Mortgage has exclusive links to leading retailers and brands. When you click on these links and make qualifying purchases with the retailers on their sites directly from the clicked on links we earn commission from these merchants. We can then rebate this commission to you in the form of cashback payments off your mortgage.

How do I get Mortgage Rewards from referring friends?

Every time you refer a friend, relative, neighbour or anybody you know to Accelerate My Mortgage through the links we provide on the Rewards section of our service then you can earn rewards. When they first switch their mortgage with us we will let you know and you get a £25 reward as a thank you. Remember – your friend also gets a reward of up to £100 every time they switch with us.

Our guide to rewards explains how our great refer a friend service works.

When do I receive my Mortgage Rewards?

We will alert you regularly to rewards you have earned through Accelerate My Mortgage, and when you have reached the £50 threshold, we will contact you and arrange to make an overpayment to your mortgage - to bring even bigger savings for you.

These rewards will be based on commission information we have been informed about, and receive directly, from retailers. It will also be based on when we have completed a switch for any referrals you have provided directly via our service and any mortgage switches we complete for you.

For retailer rewards we can only rely on the information we receive from retailers. Please see our helpful guide to Rewards for more information.

How will I know how much I've earned in Mortgage Rewards?

We track all of the Mortgage Rewards you've earned and provide you with a monthly Mortgage Rewards statement email where you'll be able to see your cleared and pending rewards balance. We can only consider a retail cashback reward as being cleared once it's been confirmed via our respective retail affiliate partner.

Why haven't I received a Mortgage Reward for a purchase I have made?

The vast majority of purchases made through the links that we provide will be tracked correctly and will qualify for cashback. However, there can be times where for reasons out of our control, the purchase does not track or does not qualify for cashback.

For example, making a purchase while in a private browsing session is likely to result in a purchase not being tracked. Similarly, opening a new browser session and heading directly to a retailer's website may also result in a purchase not being tracked.

Another reason for not earning cashback on a purchase could be down to the use of a promotional code. Some retailers do not allow commission to be paid if a promotional code or voucher code has been used at the time of making a purchase.

I've received less cashback than I was expecting. Why could that be?

We advertise the cashback rates available at any retailer as "Up to" amounts. This is because each retailer can have different criteria for earning different levels of cashback.

Cashback levels can differ for new and existing customers of a retailer, as well as across the different types of products that a retailer sells. For example, an electronics item purchased via a particular retailer may earn a different amount of cashback compared to a sofa.

Some retailers also offer different amounts of cashback depending on whether or not a promotional voucher code was used at the time of purchase.

Another cause for varying levels of cashback is VAT. Some retails pay cashback on the entire cost of the purchase, including the VAT, whereas others will only pay cashback on the purchase price minus the VAT.

Delivery costs are also unlikely to be included in the amount that qualifies for cashback.

Why do you pay Mortgage Rewards off my mortgage?

For most of us, a mortgage is the biggest financial commitment we are every likely to make and the largest debt (and interest) we will ever take on. So, the reality is paying your mortgage early could save you thousands in interest payments and bring forward mortgage freedom by years.

The clever part is that money paid off your mortgage has a multiplying effect. Your balance goes down so you pay less interest (usually straight away) allowing you to pay your your mortgage off ahead of time.

In other words every £1 you pay off your mortgage could be worth a lot more to you.

What is mortgage switching?

Switching your mortgage to the best mortgage rate available can be the best way to save you money (and potentially a lot of it).

Over the lifetime of a mortgage, switching to the best rate available at the right time can save you thousands of pounds - and more. Not switching can cost you dear.

That is why Accelerate My Mortgage helps you switch and save throughout the lifetime of your mortgage. You never need to pay over the odds or miss out on the best mortgage deal again. And we do all the hard work for you.

We'll never charge a fee for switching your mortgage, and we'll even reward you with up to £100 every time you switch with us.

Find out more about how switching works here.

How do I switch my mortgage to a better rate?

Accelerate My Mortgage provides a free, no hassle, quick and easy mortgage switching service.

We never charge a penny for switching you and even reward you with up to £100 every time you switch with us.

It is easy to switch with us. Find out how here.

Can I still switch my mortgage and save even if my personal circumstances have changed?

Even if your circumstances have changed in some way, you can usually switch to a better rate available from your current lender with very minimal hassle and without having to go through credit checks and lots of paperwork.

Click here to find out more.

What are overpayments?

Accelerating your mortgage with your spare cash can be a financial no-brainer. Your debt comes down quicker and you don’t pay interest on the amount you overpay.

Overpaying a regular amount each month, or a lump sum are both great ways to accelerate you to mortgage freedom.

Find out more about the power of overpayments.

How do I overpay my mortgage?

We have our guide to making overpayments to assist you in putting your overpayments in place with your lender.

The Overpay section of our site has some really useful – and exclusive – free tools to help you plan and explore overpayments and see the huge benefits they can bring in potentially saving you thousands of pounds and years off your mortgage.

Is it a good idea to overpay my mortgage?

Accelerating your mortgage with your spare cash can be a financial no-brainer. Your debt comes down quicker and you don’t pay interest on the amount you overpay. But as with any important financial decision there are some very key points to bear in mind – so please make sure you read this article before you accelerate your mortgage.

How do I track my mortgage?

When you register with Accelerate My Mortgage we ask you for some simple mortgage details (which you can also update at any time). Based on this information we then automatically track your mortgage for you – alerting you to when you can switch to better rate and save. We do all the hard work for you. You reap the rewards.

You can see all your mortgage information, your projected mortgage freedom date and top tips on how to accelerate your mortgage on the My Mortgage page of Accelerate My Mortgage.

We also send you a monthly mortgage round-up with links to your latest projected mortgage balance and latest rewards and offers.

Your mortgage. Sorted.

Read this article for more information.

Will you alert me to the best mortgage rates?

Yes. Based on the information you have provided we will alert you when you can switch and save.

Am I in control of my mortgage?

Yes you are completely in control of your mortgage. Accelerate My Mortgage is here to help you save time and money. But you remain completely in control. We only switch you to a better mortgage rate with your permission and after we have found a better rate for you.

What will you do with my mortgage information?

The mortgage information you provide is only used to help find the best mortgage rates and rewards for you – and so we can do everything we can to accelerate you to mortgage freedom. We keep this information confidential and will never share it with anybody without your permission.

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