How Accelerate My Mortgage can help you

We're on a mission to help homeowners take years off their mortgage and save thousands of pounds in interest.

We do this by...

Paying uncapped retail cashback off your mortgage balance to minimise the amount of interest you pay.

Switching you to the best rates throughout the lifetime of your mortgage, and reducing your balance by up to £100 every time we do.

Giving you access to unique overpayment tools and calculators which can help you pay your mortgage off faster.

Tracking your mortgage balance as it decreases month by month.

For your peace of mind...

We're authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (as an appointed representative).

We're an established (and awarding-winning) mortgage company, proudly backed by the Welsh Government.

Our team of experienced (but friendly) Mortgage Advisers are always happy to help, whatever your situation (we’re proud of our excellent Trustpilot reviews).

And please remember...

Accelerate My Mortgage is a fee-free service (and always will be).

You're always in control of your mortgage (no pressure, no obligation).

We have a proven track record of helping homeowners save money, even if your personal (or financial) circumstances have changed through the years.

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