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Because the better your mortgage rate, the less interest you pay.

Banks and building societies tend to gain custom by enticing homeowners with eye-catching rates that only last for an initial period (typically between 2 and 5 years).

But when this period comes to an end, you run the risk of being put on their much higher Standard Variable Rate (SVR) and paying well over the odds.

It can be very costly if you don’t switch at the right time, so this is why we’ll always alert you to better rates that are available (throughout the lifetime of your mortgage).

How switching works

Tell us about your mortgage

Our registration process is quick, easy and secure (we’ll always keep your information confidential).

We’ll alert you

Our timely email alerts let you know when you can switch (without incurring a hefty financial penalty), and direct you to our helpful switching page so you can view the best rates your current lender has to offer.

Arrange a callback

Our team of expert Mortgage Advisers are on standby to run through all of your switching options, including the possibility of remortgaging to an alternative lender (if this makes more financial sense than remaining with your current mortgage lender).

Some other important things

We operate as a fee-free service

Mortgage lenders pay us commission every time we successfully switch you to a better rate.

This is how all mortgage brokers make money, but the key difference is that we don’t charge a fee (in addition to receiving this commission) for our services.

A reward payment of up to £100

Upon completion of your switch, we’ll automatically pay up to £100 of our commission payment off your balance.

Accelerate My Mortgage is all about fast-tracking homeowners to mortgage freedom, so this is why we’re choosing to give a decent amount back to you as an overpayment.

We’re here to help, whatever your situation

If you’ve become self-employed, started a family or built up unsecured debts since you took your mortgage out originally, this doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t switch to a better rate.

Even if your circumstances have changed in some way, you can usually switch to a better rate available from your current lender with very minimal hassle and without having to go through credit checks and lots of paperwork.

It's a no-brainer

We appreciate that lots of people like to carry out their own mortgage research, and we’re more than happy with this.

But given all of the points above and our commitment to doing everything we can to help you pay your mortgage off faster, why wouldn’t you switch with us?

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