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Last updated: 24/05/2021

Every penny counts, especially in these uncertain times. That is why Accelerate My Mortgage provides UK homeowners up and down the country with money back from purchases from a range of leading brands.

The good news is homeowners can now access cashback from 50+ retailers - and we are growing this number all the time.

Our unique Retail Mortgage Rewards - are a brilliant new way to pay your mortgage off faster. The more you spend with the retailers we are partnered with, the more Retail Rewards you'll earn. And by using these rewards to pay off your mortgage you can multiply the benefits by saving interest and getting to mortgage freedom sooner. 

Big Rewards from Big Retailers

To help you find the great deals on offer we have also launched a new retailers page - which gives you an instant view on which retailers we have partnered with and the current cashback amounts available. We will update this page on a regular basis as we add more retailers and more deals for you.  

It is important to say that unlike other services, we do not keep any of the cashback available - we pass it all on to you. We want homeowners to get all the benefits.

Tracking your Rewards 

Many of Accelerate My Mortgage users are already benefiting from rewards every time they make an online purchase. The cashback you earn soon add ups! 

We carefully track all your cashback for you. It is fair to say every retailer has different timings and rules on when rewards are released. So our commitment to you is that every month we will send you a Rewards Statement. This will update you on exactly what rewards you have earned and which ones are still to be agreed by the retailer - so you are kept completely in the picture. 

Then when rewards earned hit £50 we will contact you and you can decide to receive the rewards* or multiply savings by using cashback to pay this off your mortgage. Either way we are here to help.

So what are you waiting for? Get the Rewards you deserve.

* Normally rewards would be used to pay off your mortgage, but during the Covid-19 crisis we know cash is tight and we want to help, so we are providing a temporary option to receive rewards directly to your bank account once you hit £50 worth of qualifying cashback. 

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