How to track your mortgage

We know what mortgages can be complicated. This is why we want to make managing your mortgage a pleasure, not a pain.

We track your mortgage every step of the way, and our timely alerts will let you know when you can switch to a better rate (without incurring a hefty financial penalty).

Your ‘My Mortgage’ page gives you a really useful snapshot of your mortgage, and some personalised top tips on how to accelerate to mortgage freedom.

In ‘Settings’ (located within the ‘My Account’ drop-down menu on desktop, or ‘Menu’ on mobile), you can update your mortgage details at any time via ‘Profile’, ‘Mortgage details’, ‘Rate’ and ‘Payments’.

There’s also a ‘History’ section where you can amend recently logged payments/transactions, and edit your remaining balance if necessary. This is important because you may be able to access better rates as your balance comes down.

And whenever we switch you to a better rate, we’ll automatically update your details so that we can optimise your future switches to the best rates available.


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